Denied The Recipe

I suppose this situation might be common, but I am not one to ask for recipes. I had to think about just a little in order to answer, as I was trying to get into the head of the one doing the denying!

Dear Lady Hooper-Brackett, 

We recently had dinner at a friend’s house and she served the most delicious dessert! I asked her for the recipe and she seemed taken aback and flatly refused to give it to me. I can’t help but feel slighted…just who was at fault here? 

Dessert Lover

Dear Dessert Lover,

I believe that asking for a recipe for a meal or dish that you truly enjoy is not rude. Quite truthfully, it is a sincere form of flattery. The host should never be insulted to be asked. However, I believe that the host is justified in refusing to divulge the recipe in the following circumstances:

They received the recipe from someone who made them promise never to give it out.

The recipe is a family heirloom (of sorts) and is handed down with the expectation that it will remain a family secret.

The Lady also looks at the situation in this way:

What if your host PURCHASED the dessert and served it to you under the subterfuge that it was their own creation. In this instance, there would be no recipe to pass on. (What a tangled web they weave!)

Best Dessert Wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett

Etiquette on Wheels

There are days that I long for the easier days of horse and buggy travel. At least everyone seemed to be going at the same pace. Today when The Hooper-Bracketts venture out, it is an adventure, to say the least. Let us examine good and proper etiquette when driving our mechanical chariots.

Speeding is unmannerly. Speed limits exist for a reason and if you are one of those that enjoys running up to the bumper of the car in front of you and then swerving around, I turn up my nose at your buffoonery.

Driving too slowly is unmannerly, most especially if one is driving slowly in the fast lane…also known as LollyGagging. Move to the slow lane.

Distracted driving….a la texting or using your handheld phone. Stop it, now! There is NOTHING that is more important than arriving safely…no call, text, Facebook post.

Merging bufoonry. I include both drivers who will not allow others to merge and those that see the merge signs five miles back and merge at the last minute in the same boat of rudeness. Be courteous!

The habit of not using the turn signal (blinker where The Hooper-Bracketts are from) is dangerous and rude.

Blowing one’s horn for no reason other than to hear it blare is the height of rudeness. One should only trumpet to avert danger, not to vent frustration.

Driving with the high beams on (horrors!) will earn you a stern look from me if I see you out and about.

Remember: drive courteously!

Best Driving Wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett

Personal Questions

I had an interesting discussion with a friend on the subject of personal questions. She was amazed that her daughter-in-law actually answered when someone asked her age. I could sympathize with her surprise, but I also acknowledge that the younger generations are generally much more open about things than we ancients are. (I’m not really ancient…but I like to pretend to be of a different era.)

Even with these more open, free social customs, The Lady believes that the following examples fall into the category of personal questions:

-How much money do you make/have/plan to inherit?

-How much did this cost? How can you afford this?

-When are you going to have children/stop having more children/discipline the children you have?

-What exactly is wrong with your health?

-Why are you getting divorced?

-How much do you weigh? (Ha…you knew that one was going to make the list!)

-Did you have some work done? (Referring to plastic surgery, not work on the house or car)

-Is it real? (Whatever it is…a gemstone, bosom, derriere, hair, etc…)

In all things, discretion is your friend. No probing questions.

Best Manners Wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett

Rudeness on a Shirt

*I apologize ahead of time for the allusions to curse words in this post*

As I have stated in an older post, mail time is a favorite event in the course of the day. Mixed in with the usual correspondence today was a catalog. On its cover a large banner proclaimed “MIX AND MATCH RED BOX SPECIAL Tees! But 2 or more for $18 each” Next to this was a photo showing just a few of the 96 different varieties of T-shirts available. One of the T-shirts in the sample photo had emblazoned across the front “I would like to thank my middle finger for always sticking up for me when I need it.”

Some other statements that you, too, can make with your clothing for the low price of $18 included:

  1. Friday is my second favorite F word.
  2. I’m up, if you’re expecting bright-eyed and bushy-tailed go catch a fr&#$ing squirrel.
  3. And yet despite the look on my face you’re still talking.
  4.  I turn beer into pee. What’s your super power?

I could list more, but I won’t. I am sure most people see these as being jokes and funny, simply novelty items to stick in a drawer and never wear. But let’s hope that  impressionable people don’t think that it is perfectly fine to go around offending people. By all means, in the privacy of one’s own home these are not offensive. BUT! By their very design they are made to shock and offend and I cannot help but be dismayed to see these things for sale.

Best Clothing Wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett

The Lady’s Thoughts On Her Travel Experience

Travel annoyances are, alas, a universal occurrence in our present age, especially when traveling by air. I try to be an easy-going traveler as we are jammed into the Aluminum Tube and we must make do in a small space with hardly any leg room. In those circumstances, we are all suffering and I realize we cannot all be at our best. However as I observed and shared space with my fellow travelers yesterday, it was clear that it was to be a lesson in poor manners, indeed. At the very least it is a lesson in complete unawareness of those around you. 

Let’s begin with the security lines, which is not really etiquette related, but things that have become my peeves!

When I travel I dress for comfort, but I always wear proper shoes that are stable and cover the foot. I also always wear socks. I believe that going barefoot through the security line is a bad idea. To me, it is not simply a matter of aesthetics (many people have unattractive feet!) but, my biggest concern is how many other barefoot people have stood upon the footprints in the screening machine?

I believe that wearing crazy high heeled shoes and flip flops are a bad idea. If there is an emergency during which you will need to vacate the plane quickly, these shoes offer no protection or stability. They are a trip hazard and you may prevent others from exiting quickly in an emergency.

Standing where the carryon luggage comes out of the X-ray machine on the conveyor belt and putting on your shoes, jacket, arranging yourself etc…impedes the flow of the security line and holds everyone up. Every airport that I am in has benches a few feet from the conveyor belts. Grab your stuff and arrange yourself there.

Rant over.

Best Travel Wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett