When The Lady Was Calm Even Though She Was Shaking Inside

Cherished readers, today’s blog will have less to do with manners and more to do with me needing to talk about what happened this week. Lord Hooper-Brackett and I discussed the situation this morning and he told me he wanted me to write about it.

Lord Hooper-Brackett had a STEMI-type heart attack on Monday and had to have a stent inserted and treatment for the blockage. This happened very suddenly in the morning and the symptoms at the time were vague to start off,  but when he told me that he had pain in his arm, chest, and jaw there was no doubt that he needed to get to the ER. And thankfully, that is what he immediately did…he drove himself to the ER.  We were on the phone and then he told me they were taking him in and he’d call when he could. I remained calm for his sake, because panic doesn’t help anything.

This began the longest hour I’ve ever spent. It is hell to not know what is going on.

An hour later he called to tell me that he had a 90% blockage, they put a stent in, and he was now in recovery. He was surprisingly calm…almost matter of fact. I, too, was calm. It was only when we hung up that the weight of what happened hit me. I broke down privately.

My emotions have been all over the place this week. From fear to thankfulness to relief to worry. And on and on. I spent one day getting upset about all of the what ifs that could have happened. This morning we talked about how I tried to be calm for him and he told me he was trying to be calm for me.

This is the ultimate in putting another at ease: being scared, but not wanting the person you love to be scared. It is needless to say, I am beyond thankful today.

Best Grateful Wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett

The Lady’s Absence

Cherished readers, I apologize for my absence this last week. There was, unfortunately, a medical emergency in The Hooper-Brackett family and in addition to my time being taken up with those matters, my mind has not been on writing. Things should be back to normal tomorrow and I will return with a fresh blog post.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best Thankful Wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett

The Lady’s Thoughts On Her Travel Experience

Cherished readers, forgive my absence yesterday. It was a travel day for me as I made my way from The South to The North. (As a non-etiquette related aside, I will say it is hotter and more humid in New England today than it was in Southern Mississippi! A rare occurrence!)

Now, I try to be an easy-going traveler as we are jammed into the Aluminum Tube and we must make do in a small space with hardly any leg room. In those circumstances, we are all suffering and I realize we cannot all be at our best. However as I observed and shared space with my fellow travelers yesterday, it was clear that my flight was to be a lesson in poor manners, indeed.


After being seated in my window seat, a trio of males (two college age and one who was their father) sat in the row behind me. They were speaking loudly and sounded as if they were all well into their cups at 930 AM. (So be it) One decided that he wanted to play cards and proceeded to shuffle the cards and bang on the tray table behind me….repeatedly and loudly. My seat was jarred over and over. He also cursed and swore as he talked about their recent trip to Miami. His seatmate now decided to pull out his tablet and play a video without earbuds so that any and all around him had to listen to the movie he was watching.

In our small section, we (which included three young girls traveling with their parents) were subjected to listening to a tirade which included profanity and vulgar names to call women. It was, to say the least, mortifying. And maddening!

My seatmates, an older couple, arrived. Within 20 seconds of being seated, the lady turned around and sternly told the young man to please turn off his movie or use earbuds because listening to the video was annoying and degrading to women. He turned it immediately off. I thanked the woman for her gumption. (Turns out she is a former Catholic School principal!)

Remember how I always say that really the only thing you have to keep in mind about manners and etiquette is CALL NO ATTENTION TO ONESELF? These young men had not learned this lesson yet. Everything they did called the most negative attention to themselves!

I became disheartened to think that the ways of our modern world seem to be all about selfishness and people doing exactly what they want without regard to others comfort or feelings. I sincerely hope that this will change in the future.

Best Travel Wishes,

The Lady Hooper Brackett

The Lady Goes Shopping

Cherished readers, I stepped out today to visit one of my favorite antique malls. This place is huge and has everything you could possibly want under one roof. I love to browse their large selection of books and have built my collection of vintage etiquette books from this one place. Today I was not disappointed.


I found the 1945 edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette. Now, this is not the first copy of Emily Post that I own, but my other is a much newer edition. Part of why I enjoy collecting these volumes so much is that I am able to see snapshots of social mores and then compare them to other editions to see how much things have changed. I am positive that I will enjoy reading this and have even more fun sharing with you the nuggets of wisdom that I will glean from its pages. These old books are my textbooks!

So, while today is not a true blog about etiquette, I wanted to share with you my find. Back to the mannerly stuff tomorrow! I will find something from this book to touch upon for my next blog!

Best Shopping (and Reading!) Wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett