Tuesday Tea-Time Thoughts: Dinner Vs. Supper

Cherished readers, The Lady’s circle of friends is known for chatting about a variety of subjects. Today as they gathered for tea indoors in the conservatory (a pox on all the rain!) a lively discussion ensued on using the words Dinner and Supper. They asked me my thoughts on the matter (bless them!)

The Lady believes that the heaviest meal of the day is properly called Dinner, whether this large meal takes place at the noon hour or in the evening. There are locales whose inhabitants use these words interchangeably to describe the evening meal. The word dinner on its own does not indicate the time of day of the meal, only that it is the largest meal of the day. In truth, The Lady has not heard the word Supper being used very often lately.

Does The Lady feel that you will be judged harshly for mixing the two words? No.

To add some flair to her own speech (and to pay homage to her wonderful French teacher) The Lady likes to refer to her meals using the French phrases: petit dejeuner for breakfast, dejeuner for lunch and diner for dinner. Or she merely uses the generic repas to describe a meal.

When in doubt, give things a little French flair and you will always sound correct!

Jusqu’à la prochaine fois,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett