I Received an Invitation to a Wedding That I Don’t Wish to Attend; Do I Have to Send A Gift?

I feel and fear that it is inevitable that we shall all at some point be invited to celebrate the nuptial bliss of one or more couples for whom we frankly feel no enthusiasm. The conundrum is do we send a gift?

I would like to share that while the simple answer is that an invitation to a wedding ceremony does not obligate you to send any gift, should you be invited to a wedding reception, then you are expected to send a gift whether you attend or not. I know, it stinks and  I hear you protesting over this fact….however…the fact that you made the shortlist tells me that you have a good relationship with the sender or that you are close relations. It is sometimes better to just suck it up and attend, make the best of things, and be social. I advises you thusly:

You should attend a wedding, reception, and/or send a gift if:

-the bride, groom, or their respective parents attended your wedding.

-you are the child, cousin, sibling, aunt, uncle, grandparent, or parent of the bride or groom. 

-you work with the bride or groom and must see them on a daily basis.

-your mother tells you must attend. Listen to her…she knows.

Incidentally, a wedding announcement does not bestow an obligation to send a gift, though much the same as with an invitation to a ceremony, you may send a gift if you feel you have a good and friendly relationship with the sender of the announcement.

Best celebratory wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett

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