Manners in Conversation: Dangerous Topics

Cherished readers, The Lady Hooper-Brackett presents this to you as a general guideline when you are out and about and schmoozing…those times when you may have to be around others whose views and beliefs are unknown to you. It is always better to be circumspect; remember put people at ease.

  1. Money is a dangerous topic, expecially directly asking someone what something costs, how much they earn. The person who is asked such questions, has every right to ignore the asker.
  2. Age is subject to be deftly avoided due to the sensitivity some people have about their age. Let’s face it, yes…if you are entering a contract with someone, then the question is appropriate, but not in general social situations. If someone asks you how old you are, feel free to ignore this one, too.
  3. Gossip can cause all sorts of problem. avoid being the spreader of this muck. Want to stop a gossiper? Ask them pointedly “How do you know this?” It is funny how most gossipers won’t be able to answer.
  4. Advice is only given if it is asked for, and even then, I’d be uncomfortable giving it.
  5. Religion and politics….avoid at all costs. Yes, even in this time of wicked polarization on both subjects.

Best Converational Wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett

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