Sunday Ask The Lady

Cherished readers, I am back with a new Ask The Lady.

Dear Lady Hooper-Brackett,

My lady, I have two questions.

  1. Is it appropriate for me to attend the wake of a neighbor that I only knew in passing? I would wave at this man and his wife every day when I would come and go from work, but I never said more than hello. I’m not sure if it would be uncomfortable to see his wife and I worry about saying the wrong thing.
  2. Are you all right? Where have you been? I missed your wit.

Courteous Neighbor

Dear Courteous Neighbor,

The Lady thanks you for your questions. and will start by answering your last one first.

The Lady has been busy on a consulting job and the time available in the day has been scarce.

Now to question two: Of course The Lady believes that you should attend the wake. It is the neighborly thing to do. While you did not say if these people were older folks, The Lady makes the assumption that they are. Think of how your neighbor’s widow must feel right now after losing her husband. Your presence and support, I am sure, will be a comfort to her. And if The Lady may offer further advice…there is nothing wrong with checking in on her in the future to see how she is doing.

Best Neighborly Wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett

Ask The Lady: Using The Neighbors Recycling Bin

Cherished readers, today’s question comes from someone who found The Lady Hooper-Brackett Facebook page who had a rollicking party for Independence Day! (By the way, liking the Facebook page would make The Lady very very happy!)

Dear Lady Hooper-Brackett, 

I had about 80 people over for the Fourth of July. As you can imagine, we served beer, wine, and other adult beverages (we were responsible and had designated drivers) What I have to deal with now is the huge amount of empty cans and bottles that I need to put in the recycling bins. Can I put the extras in my neighbors recycling bins? Would this be proper?

Responsible Recycler

Dear Responsible Recycler,

The Lady is most pleased that you were a responsible host, also, and provided your guests with the gift of safety as you entertained them.

Now…on to the question of your neighbors’ bins. You ask if it would be proper….do you mean legally? The Lady advises you to check with your local council.

Now…is it mannerly? Hmmm.

Perhaps your neighbor would not like to be seen by others as being someone who likes to imbibe. Your placement of the empty cans and bottles would certainly give judgmental neighbors something to talk about.

The next problem that may arise is that your neighbor may run out of room for his own bottles and cans. This is certainly an imposition.

My advice is thus: Ask your neighbor if you may use the bin and if they say yes, place soda bottles or other non-alcoholic packaging in their bin. Save the booze bottles for your own bin.

Best Recycling Wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett