A Most Unusual Thank You Note

I had attended two weddings some time ago, both couples are the children of family friends. I received thank you notes from both of the fine couples and I give them both high marks for their courtesy in sending the notes so promptly. However, one of the notes stuck out to me for all of the wrong reasons. Let’s take a look:

Lord Hooper-Brackett and I gifted this duo with a fine set of Waterford crystal goblets, which were listed in the bride’s registry.  I was pleased to purchase such a tasteful gift for these young people. This is the text of the thank you note I received:

Dear Lady Hooper-Brackett,

John and I would like to thank you for the beautiful goblets. I’m sorry to tell you that we received three other sets so we had to exchange your set for some dessert plates that we didn’t get. I wanted you to know so that if you come over for dinner, you will be proud to know that the dessert plates were from you and Lord Hooper-Brackett.

Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you both soon. 


As you can see, the honesty of the note is quite apparent, as well as the newlywed’s need to have some etiquette lessons. But I shall be magnanimous and make some allowances for her forthright rudeness. I will also avoid advising her that all she needed to do was go ahead and exchange the goblets without letting me know. I would have assumed the set that she displayed on her table was the one I had given her. No harm done and everyone wins. Instead….she became a lesson in what not to do.

Best Courteous Wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett

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