The Polite Regifter : Cheap or Thoughtful?

Cherished readers, The Lady Hooper-Brackett has received many items over the years that did not fit, she already owned, or that did not blend with her taste. She also believes that you should only own that which you will like and use. She has been a regifter.  I have received many questions about regifting…the most frequent one is “Dear Lady, is this practice acceptable?”

At her very heart, The Lady does not believe in waste. If you possess something that you do not like but you know someone else will like, then I say without reservation that it is…but like everything else, there are some guidelines. Let’s take a look.

You may certainly never regift anything that has been personalized with your name or initials. One supposes that you may even do this if the recipient has the same initials, though, so there is even an exception to this. Still, I believe it is better to keep such things even in that circumstance.

If someone took the time to crochet an afghan for you, or to knit a scarf , keep it. I believe that out of respect you should not regift it. The act of creation imbues it with the creator’s spirit.

If you have used it, you should keep it. Imagine the horror at giving someone a vase that has obviously been used, or a candlestick with wax on it (horrors!) If you must get it out of the house, donate it to a charity.

If you have no recollection of who gave you an item, do not regift it. You may unwittingly regift it to the person who gave it to you. I am quite sure that this would be extremely awkward.

And should you regift, please make sure that there is no card or letter from the original donor in the box you use. That, my cherished readers, would be an extreme faux pas.

Best Gifty Wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett




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