Get To Know The Lady Hooper-Brackett

Who is the Lady Hooper-Brackett? She is a bit old-fashioned, loves vintage etiquette books and formal table-settings, and still handwrites letters in this age of technology. She is a New Englander who recently grew some Southern roots and is a fond observer of the world. With friends scattered across the country and the continents, she loves to learn about  different people, places, foods, and customs. The Lady feels that knowing what to do in any and all situations can make the  world a better place. Etiquette is more than knowing which fork to use at a formal dinner; it is a set of guidelines that not only sets you at ease and gives you confidence, but puts those around you at ease, as well. And in our stressful modern times, this is very important, indeed.

What will you find here?

  • Discussions of etiquette advice given in days gone by, as well as modern interpretations.
  • Posts about travel, gracious living, and more.
  • Household hints and cleaning advice, because having everything in order increases your confidence, too!
  • Fun and informative trivia



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