The Masculine Graces: Chivalry Part 2

To continue on with our look at the Gentlemanly Art of Chivalry:

A gentleman may order for a lady if they are out to dinner. I find this to be such a nice old-fashioned custom (I happen to like old fashioned things). The lady glances at the menu, makes her selection, tells her escort what she would like and he orders for her.

When going to a movie, concert , or theater, a gentleman allows the lady to go first when going into the row of seats.

While walking together on a sidewalk, a gentleman places himself on the side that abuts the street.

Gentlemen remove their hats while indoors.

Gentlemen open car doors for their ladies. I do so love this. Lord Hooper-Brackett does this when we go out and even though we have been together for many years, it still makes me smile.

It is exceedingly gentlemanly to be sure that all ladies are served first if you are the host and passing drinks, appetizers, etc.

And there you have some more on the subject of chivalry…and I am quite sure I will have more to say on this subject as time goes on.

Best Mannerly Wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett

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