When The Lady Was Calm Even Though She Was Shaking Inside

Cherished readers, today’s blog will have less to do with manners and more to do with me needing to talk about what happened this week. Lord Hooper-Brackett and I discussed the situation this morning and he told me he wanted me to write about it.

Lord Hooper-Brackett had a STEMI-type heart attack on Monday and had to have a stent inserted and treatment for the blockage. This happened very suddenly in the morning and the symptoms at the time were vague to start off,  but when he told me that he had pain in his arm, chest, and jaw there was no doubt that he needed to get to the ER. And thankfully, that is what he immediately did…he drove himself to the ER.  We were on the phone and then he told me they were taking him in and he’d call when he could. I remained calm for his sake, because panic doesn’t help anything.

This began the longest hour I’ve ever spent. It is hell to not know what is going on.

An hour later he called to tell me that he had a 90% blockage, they put a stent in, and he was now in recovery. He was surprisingly calm…almost matter of fact. I, too, was calm. It was only when we hung up that the weight of what happened hit me. I broke down privately.

My emotions have been all over the place this week. From fear to thankfulness to relief to worry. And on and on. I spent one day getting upset about all of the what ifs that could have happened. This morning we talked about how I tried to be calm for him and he told me he was trying to be calm for me.

This is the ultimate in putting another at ease: being scared, but not wanting the person you love to be scared. It is needless to say, I am beyond thankful today.

Best Grateful Wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett