Tuesday Tea Time Thoughts: Culling The Christmas Card List

Cherished readers, while meeting with her dear friends at their weekly tea-time gathering, the subject of the etiquette of culling the Christmas Card list. Specifically,  the protocol to choosing who gets the boot.

Well, of course there is a protocol (in The Lady’s humble opinion)

When The Lady was growing up, she often heard her grandmother and mother say that the best way to reduce the number of names on the Christmas Card list was to keep track of who one sent cards the year before and if they did not sent one back, they were stricken from the list. Blackballed from holiday greetings. This has been the technique that the Lady has used in her adult life. She remembers one fine Yuletide when she had mailed out 121 holiday greetings only to receive 28 back. Needless to say, that year was a huge cull!

“But, dear Lady, ” you may ask, “what if I strike someone from my list who will be offended?” If they send you a card, send one to them. But, it has become increasingly more obvious that people WANT to cut down on their lists. So they will probably not be offended.

Best Card Sending Wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett

PS: The Lady apologizes for the appalling lack of posts. Lord Hooper-Brackett has had more cardiac issues in the last two months. Today (11/21/17) he is having bypass surgery. The Lady hopes to post more after this health issue is over!



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