TV Show Spoilers

I’ve noticed that many people post updates on social media  with ‘spoilers’ about popular shows that would ruin the watching experience of those who had not partaken of the episode yet. I’ve actually pondered this conundrum for a while as I have been asked to weight in on it. Is it rude and unmannerly to post such things? We’ve all read angry posts and threats on social media toward those who are revealing all and I think this is a modern etiquette problem.

I advise you thusly:

If you are creating your own status update/tweet/blog etc….it is courteous to preface the entry by informing others that you will be revealing things that may interfere with their enjoyment of the show if they have not watched yet. If you post such a thing and someone reads further, they have no right to be angry with you. You were honest from the start!

If, on the other hand, you go to someone else’s post and deliberately post a spoiler, you’ve basically asked for them to be angry with you and you cannot be confused or upset that they are. I suspect that these people who post take a bit of aggressive glee in ruining things for others. This is extremely rude! Keep it to yourself  or risk being wished evil upon.

Best No-Spoiler Wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett

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