Wedding Wednesday: Choosing a Honeymoon Destination

Cherished readers, The Lady received this question and while not technically an Ask The Lady day, it is included here for your perusal as it pertains to Wedding Wednesday.

Dear Lady Hooper-Brackett, 

All of the preparations for my wedding are going smoothly except for choosing where to go on our honeymoon. My fiance is an outdoorsman and wants to have an active honeymoon with fishing and hiking. I would rather go to museums and relax. I’m not saying this is actually causing us to fight, but my fiance has made the point that this is the only vacation he will get this year (he just started a new job and is limited on his days off). Help, please. Do you have any suggestions?

Harried Honeymooner

Dear Harried Honeymooner,

The Lady empathizes with your problem because, quite frankly, she went through the same thing with Lord Hooper-Brackett. You ask for help and suggestions…here they are:

  1. You should choose something that you will both enjoy. This trip begins your married life together and should be one of pleasant memories and not the first battle of wills in the marriage. Remember: manners and consideration are more important than ever in a happy household.
  2. You do not say if you wish to stay in the United States or go abroad, but The Lady suggests France as a destination that will fit both of your interests in nicely. Paris a large walking city (hiking!!!) and is filled with museums to satisfy you (not to mention the wonderful food) and then you may take a day or two so your groom can indulge in fishing.
  3. If the United States is your choice: Savannah, Georgia and Newport, RI offer fishing and cultural experiences. Any coastal city on the East Coast (by virtue of being part of the original colonies) should have a mix of history and recreation which will satisfy both of you.

The Lady could exhaust herself making suggestions. Her best advice: make this trip a reflection of you both as a couple. And try the fishing excursion. Even if you only sit on the boat and cheer him as he reels one in, your togetherness is all that matters.

Best Honeymoon Wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett



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