The Extinction of the Home Economics Class

I was with friends, reminiscing about our high school days. Ahh, nothing like the memories of youth. (Though I acknowledge that I would not want to go back and re-do high school.) The group was unanimous that one of their favorite classes was Home Economics. One of the ladies in the group is a teacher and it seems that, according to her, Home-Ec is no longer taught. She said that it is not just in her district, but everywhere. She says that the material is no longer relevant.

This seems to be a travesty.  I remember my co-ed Home-Ec class as being fun and informative. It taught valuable life skills and gave students, at the very least, a minimum knowledge about cooking, home care, family responsibilities etc…And lest you think that I am severely ancient, she graduated from high school when George H. W. Bush was president and Barbara Bush wore her lovely strand of pearls.

I know that times change, but I cannot help but feel saddened that current students will not know the fun of cooking something new, learning cooking techniques, and learning to sew a simple skirt or pillow. These skills boost one’s confidence that one can care for themselves and others. It seems that modern education forgets this.

Best Home-Ec Wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett

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