Tuesday Tea-Time Thoughts: The Extinction of the Home Economics Class

Cherished readers, The Lady and her friends were reminiscing about their high school days today as they took tea in the garden. Ahh, nothing like the memories of youth. (Though The Lady acknowledges that she would not want to go back and re-do high school.) The group was unanimous that one of their favorite classes was Home Economics. One of the ladies in the group is a teacher and it seems that, according to her, Home-Ec is no longer taught. She said that it is not just in her district, but everywhere. She says that the material is no longer relevant.

This seems to be a travesty.  The Lady remembers her co-ed Home-Ec class as being fun and informative. It taught valuable life skills and gave students, at the very least, a minimum knowledge about cooking, home care, family responsibilities etc…And lest you think that The Lady is severely ancient, she graduated from high school when George H. W. Bush was president and Barbara Bush wore her lovely strand of pearls.

The Lady knows that times change, but she cannot help but feel saddened that current students will not know the fun of cooking something new, learning cooking techniques, and learning to sew a simple skirt or pillow. These skills boost one’s confidence that one can care for themselves and others. It seems that modern education forgets this.

Best Home-Ec Wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett


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