The Masculine Graces: Chivalry Part 1

I am blessed to be surrounded by male friends and family members who have learned and developed their skills as chivalric men. Now, whether this is due to fear of offending me, I cannot say, however I have heard others give them compliments on their manners, so I am hopeful they are chivalric because it is the correct and mannerly thing to do.

So…what are some chivalric habits of the cultivated male? To start, we will look at these skills.

Gentlemen should rise when a lady enters or leaves the room. This rule of chivalry extends to ladies also when an older person or some person of great esteem enters and leaves.

Gentlemen should open doors for ladies. I can hear the groans from the independent factions of females who feel they do not need a man to do this for them. To this I say: Let the gentleman be gentlemanly and open your door. You merely have to utter the words “Thank you” when he does so. It is a nicety. Let him be nice and let you be gracious in accepting the niceness.

Gentlemen should give up their seats on public conveyances to ladies. He should also assist with any packages or luggage she might be trying to stow. I realize there are some women who think they can handle things fine. Just accept the courtesy shown to you. Remember that the etiquette is to make everyone feel at ease. He is trying to put you at ease. Your refusal, righteous indignation, anger, offense etc…will not put him at ease, nor will it put the spectators around you at ease.

Should a gentleman ask a lady for a date or to accompany him to some entertainment, he picks up the tab. I should say that this is also a vice-versa situation. If the lady asks, she pays.

More to follow!

Best Chivalry Wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett

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