The Art of the Breakup: Is “Ghosting” Mannerly?

Cherished readers, after yesterday’s post, it came to my attention that my friend’s daughter did indeed end things with her fiance. She did it in an odd way, what I have heard young people refer to as “ghosting.” Being of a curious mind, I googled this “ghosting” procedure.

Hmmm…..I learned much as I researched, but the fact is this ghosting is nothing new. This technique has been around for ages. I read many comments from people who think that ghosting is cowardly, but I must say that I cannot find anything that would smack of poor manners. To the contrary, I believe that ghosting just might be the easiest sort of breakup there could be.

Let’s face it, if you were on the receiving end of a relationship coup de grace, isn’t it easier to have your beloved stop answering the phone and fade away in your memory rather than have them tell you outright that you snored like a bullfrog and they can’t stand you anymore? Isn’t the illusion that is left when they ghost easier to take than being told that you are the most boring person they’ve ever known and have the effect of a Nytol every time you open your mouth to speak? Think about it…when the ghosting is done, you can continue to think about the good times and smile. A face to face breakup will only shake your confidence and make you second guess everything you think is so great about yourself.

So yes, The Lady Hooper-Brackett is in favor of the exit that makes little fuss, creates little stir, and still maintains the self-esteem of the one who is left.

Best Ghostly Wishes,

The Lady Hooper-Brackett

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